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Photo by Shaheen Peer

Tushar is a theatre maker, actor, and teaching artist.

He has a Bachelor's in Mass Media from Mumbai University,
a degree in Acting and Theatre Making from Drama School Mumbai and an MFA in Ensemble Based Physical Theatre from the Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theatre in Blue Lake, California. 

From 2017-19, he worked at Dell’Arte as an Instructor (co-teaching games and sports, and the adaptation project) and Marketing Director, and was part of the Dell’Arte Company. He conceived, directed, and was one of the performers of the recurring annual event Stories in the Tent, a free-of-cost immersive night of storytelling that brought to life stories written by members of the community. He was also a mainstay at Dell’Arte’s cabarets, often as an MC. 

In 2018, he co-founded the Otherland Theatre Ensemble with whom he has since created and performed two original shows: Eli and The Bear which toured to the California State Summer School for the Arts in L.A. in early 2018, and Forgive us, Gustavito; which won “Best of Fringe” at the Charm City Fringe Festival in Baltimore later that year. In late 2019, Tushar relocated to Auroville, Tamil Nadu, where he continued his training in the martial art form of Kalaripayattu, and created two original shows: Finale, which opened at KalariGram’s annual festival Tantrotsav, and his solo show A Good Neighbour, which opened at the event space ArtBrute.    
Tushar is currently based in Bengaluru where he is a visiting faculty at the Drama School Mumbai, a facilitator with the
Paani Foundation's  Paani Eco Program where he teaches 7th and 8th-grade students about climate change, and continues to develop his solo show.



At any given moment, I am struck by the overwhelming knowledge that I know nothing. From this place of not knowing arises a physical impetus to search (“with love”*), to quest! 

There is the knowledge that: 

  • I exist in community, and this community, whether inherited or chosen, is as instructive as it is representative of me. 

  • I exist in the midst of natural forces much greater than my being, and instead of coming up against them, I prostrate myself to their infinite wisdom and “imperceptible intrusions of grace.”* 


This quest as an actor-creator is laden with contradictions and paradoxes, so even in the darkness, the path is always lit*.

I do not exist on my own; I exist in relation to, in partnership with. I am significant and yet I am not. I know nothing and I know some things. We must have love, contradiction, and space for each other amidst an ocean of unknown. Knowing this, I feel the need for the other (the ensemble), transformation (the mask), and joyous, fully-embodied inquiry (physical play). 

And now! Now, there exists a real and dangerous possibility that we may blow the ceiling off over our heads and invite in the virtuosic, the miraculous, and the truly magical. 


This is what I know now. 
This may change tomorrow.   


* "Poetry doesn't need skilled practitioners, she needs lovers, and she lays down brambles and shards of glass for the hands that search for her with love." - Federico Garcia Lorca 

* "Our age not only does not have a very sharp eye for the almost imperceptible intrusions of grace, it no longer has much feeling for the nature of the violences which proceed and follow them." - Flannery O'Connor 

* "Because I am a true poet, and will remain so until my death, I will never stop flagellating myself with the disciplines, and never give up hope that someday my body will run with green or yellow blood. Anything is better than to remain seated in the window looking out on the same landscape. The light of any poet is contradiction. I haven’t tried to force my position on anyone – that would be unworthy of poetry." - Federico Garcia Lorca