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a zoom call re:Birds


"What also stays with you long after you left the call is the manner in which the makers have reinvented the online medium to craft a performance that jostles between theatre and radio. A little story is told at every bend of the show, yet each piece of fiction and reality is distinct and profound."

morning love/evening love with becca finney




"A searingly powerful encapsulation of the impact that the loss
of everything familiar
can have on an
adolescent boy." 

"Eli and the Bear 

challenges us to imagine a world in which individual objects are familiar, but context and perceptions are not. What is magic, and what

is real? The truth is out there, but can you find it in time?"

"Mathew is so delightfully innocent and trusting as Bumbles that you just want to give him a big hug and tell him it will all be alright."

"From her voice to her ungainliness and yo-yoing moods, Finney is adolescent male personified. It’s an extraordinary performance that contrasts dramatically with Muñoz’s vulnerable yet resilient Amanda, struggling to connect with her son’s descent into madness."

Video by Glen Nagy

Forgive Us, Gustavito!


"A maelstrom of human emotion, landing upon hard truths about life, death, manipulative relationships, and the neglect of family ties."

"satisfyingly physical"

"Robinson is a powerful presence as Toto... and he is genuinely creepy as Mr. D, a shadowy figure who connects all the characters…and knows all their dark secrets."

"Mathew is lovably intense as Detective Emilio Hippo, whose guilt-driven monologues provide much of the emotional heft of the piece."

"artistic, but it is truly accessible."

"Finney shines as Elvira, an overdramatic spider monkey who serves as the show’s femme fatale. It’s not easy to scamper across a stage on all fours while looking glamorous, but it suits her."

Video by Gene Brundin

Duet with Jenny Lamb


Video by Glen Nagy

One-minute dance with
Cleo DeOrio


Solo one-minute dance


Video by Becca Finney

Prodigal son



"Frequently seen on stage at Dell'Arte, Mathew is making his debut at Redwood Curtain and a fine debut it is, too. Usually seen in more comedic roles, Mathew excels here as the quietly anxious English teacher fighting his own visible and invisible internal battles."

The Curious climb of 

cutter chee


The Curious Climb of Cutter Chee.jpg

"Cutter Chee, however, broke free of the pack by a mile. From a bumbling
small- time crook to a powerful mafia head, he was effervescent in his performance. Watch out for the especially hilarious scene where he attempts to learn the

Queen's English with dialogue from Julius Caesar" 

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