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The work of the physical actor

Through ferocious yet generous play, mine the inherent drama that exists within all games. This workshop investigates the direct relationship between our ability to simply play, and, being dynamic, 
fully-embodied physical actors. With the help of the facilitator, participants are encouraged to bring awareness to the roles they unconsciously choose to play, develop a keen sense of presence, tension, space, stakes, time, and rhythm. All this while playing some extremely enjoyable games!

Reflection: When playing a game or sport, one must engage fully with body and spirit to fulfill the objectives of the game. A simplistic objective would be merely to win. The more challenging, and substantially more rewarding objective is to simply play fully while recognizing your role within the game, and thus your role within the ensemble. 


It is indeed possible to be competitive and not be cruel or apathetic to your fellows. And yet. When fully engaged, unencumbered by the need to take care of, or be nice to the opposition, and completely aware of ones own self, one gives birth to the possibility of miracles. 


Ensemble values within the workplace

This workshop uses physical theatre exercises to cater to the needs of corporate teams looking to discover their group-genius. With the help of the facilitator, participants engage in exercises specifically designed to instill a sense of the group-mind, encourage listening, team-building, trust, and creative problem solving.

Reflection on Ensemble Creation

This work that we create is significant not only because of it's subject matter but because we are engaging with the very act of creating together. I do not exist on my own; I exist in relation to, in partnership with. I am sufficient and yet I am not. Love, contradiction, and space for each other amidst the great unknown. This is why we must create together. 


A performative storytelling workshop

This workshop explores a character-driven form of storytelling that has been developed from the pedagogy of the Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre. Through the course of a week, performers are guided towards developing characters, exploring the relationship between audience and performer, experiment with narrative structures, and work together to create an evening of storytelling performances open to the public.

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